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Pizza Party! Our Service Area

We throw pizza parties in the following areas:

  • Albuquerque
  • Rio Rancho
  • East Mountains
  • Bernalillo
ABQ Pizza Parties
Frequently Given Answers

About Our Pizza

All of our pizzas begin with our own special sauce recipe and a generous base of 100% mozzarella cheese to compliment your choice of toppings.  Tell us what you crave and we'll pile it on.  Our thin and crispy pizzas come out piping hot... just the way you like it!

About our Parties

  • We come to you loaded down with all the food you and your guests can eat.  Included in your party will be all the plates, napkins and utensils necessary for unlimited trips to the pizza buffet .  You sit back and relax while we prepare, bake, serve, and clean up.
  • Our ovens use household current and cook your pizza in 3-5 minutes; ensuring fresh hot pizza straight from the oven.
  • We provide all equipment, supplies, and ingredients to make your party a hit.  When booking your party we will go over all details in setting up for a successful event.
  • Max pace= 150 people per hour (all you can eat)
  • We are happy to accommodate last minute parties as space is available but to guarantee your time and date we recommend you make your party reservations at least two weeks in advance.

What people are saying...

"We are enjoying your pizza parties tremendously. Some guests consider your pizza the best they have every had! We highly recommend you to all our friends. We are looking forward to continuing the parties this summer. You and your staff are reliable and a pleasure to work with."
Pizza party in albuquerque new mexico © All rights reserved. Albuquerque Pizza Party throws pizza parties for clubs, organizations, companies and family gatherings. We bring the pizza party to you! For your pizza party, we bring the ovens and everything needed for a great pizza party. Call us to schedule your pizza party!